All You Need To Know


Where is Triund

Triund is situated in the lap of Himalayan Range Called Dhauladhar Range. Best Know place near Triund is Dharamshala, so first you need to reach Dharamshala then you can plan to go further to Triund.

Steps to reach Dharamshala :-

If you are coming to Himachal Pradesh first time then we suggest to make plan plans before starting you journey about where to stay and what things you need to carry with you. we will tell you what you need in your journey in our different blog but 1st let us guide you to how to reach Dharamshala first. The main Transport services here is Bus, You can find both Government and Private buses all the time on major routes. There are many Buses Direct to Dharamshala from Chandigarh and Delhi, so you not need to worry about transport.

Where to go after Dharamshala :-

Once you arrived at Dharamshala, you can directly take bus to Meclodganj which is 10km from Dharamshala. Meclodganj is the closest best known place to stay from Triund. Its very easy to find accommodation in Meclodganj and there are plenty of Hotels and we must suggest you to visit well known tourist spots near Meclodganj like Bhagsunaag Temple & Waterfall, Namgyal Monastery (personal monastery of the 14th Dalai lama).

Planning for Triund Trek From Mecloedganj :-

  • Dharamkot :- Its 6-7km from Meclodganj, you can either take transport or hike here but it be the last point where vehicles go and where you start your hiking to the Triund.
  • Timing :- We suggest you to must start your journey before 9am if you want to come back on same day but if you want to stay there for a night then you must start it before 12 noon.
  • Distance :- From Dharamkot to Triund – 8km
  • Hiking Time :- It can take upto 4-5 hours to trak to Triund from Dharamkot but if you have good stamina you can do it in 3 hours.
  • Can you hike alone ? :- Of course you can, Trail to triund is very easy to follow but if its your 1st time we still suggest you to travel with atleast 1 more partner.

Things you need for trek ?

Things you need to carry :-

Always prepare your self before going anywhere and never do over packing or under packing. Always know and understand what you really need and what you don’t.

Here are few points to note before you start to pack your luggage :

  1. Location – Read more about where are you going